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4 Important Things You Must Consider While Choosing a Marquee

Everybody wants to make their events memorable, and that is why the popularity of marquee tents are on the rise. Apart from providing a stylish look to an event, they come in very handy during unpredictable weather conditions such as strong winds and rain. A marquee tent within your own garden or lawn area can […]

5 Ultimate Tips for Your Dream Wedding Marquee

Choosing the right wedding marquee can be a challenge since you need to consider many aspects ranging from colour, style, design to lighting and decor. After all, you would like to leave no stone unturned as far as the overall look of the wedding venue is concerned. However, you need to bear many factors in mind before taking a final call on your wedding marquee. The following 5 tips will make your task easier: 1. Choose the Right Style First of all, think about the style of the marquee that you desire to have. Know whether it is going to be traditional or modern or whether you would like to go for giant tipis or yurts. Before choosing the right style, keep in mind that traditional marquees cannot be arranged on a hard surface such as a courtyard. Apart from this, you need to work out a few things: Do you want windows or doors open on one side? What kind of tables do you want — round or square? Answers to these questions will affect your ch
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How to Choose the Right Marquee for Your Outdoor Party

Outdoor parties are usually refreshing and memorable, but you need to choose the right marquee to make yours a successful event. With their signature style, marquees create a ready-made theme for the party. So, without beating about the bush, let’s get into the heart of the matter quickly.Below, you will learn how you can choose […]
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As the rest of the world is trading in their beach towels for scarves, Kiwis will be ready to slip, slop, slap and head toward the sea. Schupepe just provided marquees for Auckland University’s Winterfest and we were inspired to make a list of the coolest winter festivals around the world. So if you’ve decided […]
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CORPORATE FUNCTIONS Corporate functions usually host a large number of guests. Schupepe stretch tents are interchangeable; therefore, you can buy or hire several small and medium size tents that seamlessly attach together. This creates an environment that is suitable for a wide variety of events, especially if you are uncertain how many people may attend. […]
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The History Of The Bedouin Tent And Why Our Tents Reflect Their Design

Bedouin tents, black tents, or houses of hair have been a symbol of hospitality in the harsh terrain of the Arabic deserts for centuries. The Bedouin people believed that every traveler should be given shelter and protection from the relentless elements for at least three days. The desert is a harsh place with vegetation covering […]

Eco Friendly Schupepe

Schupepe Tents is passionate about the environment. Most of us here in New Zealand of us were raised to be “tidy Kiwis”, and we have passed this love and need to protect out beautiful country on to our children. Eco-friendly events are more important than ever, now that we all have a better awareness of our carbon footprint.
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