Make your Auckland event memorable. Get a great marquee hire company! Apart from providing a stylish look to an event, marquees come in very handy during unpredictable weather conditions such as strong winds and rain. A marquee tent within your own garden or lawn area can help you make changes quickly if the weather suddenly changes for the worse. Putting a marquee within your own garden facilitates ‘on-the-fly’ is a great way to create more undercover area if that does happen.

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Going for a marquee makes good sense when you don’t want to compromise on space, look and feel, noise and more. Marquee tents can be used in any location, which is an added bonus. Here in this post, I’m going to share some very useful insights about marquee tent hire.

1. Why you should opt for a marquee tent
Different people opt for marquee tents for different reasons. Marquee tents provide a unique feel and ambience that you don’t get in hotels. If you’re having a wedding party, marquee tents can give a very romantic and intimate feeling, and in corporate events, they can be decorated in a professional manner. The flexibility to deck out a venue as per your requirement is what makes a marquee so special. It has a lot of customisation options. And most importantly, marquees are more affordable than hotels.

2. How much tent do you need?
This is one of the basic questions that comes to mind when you decide to go for a marquee tent. You can’t estimate the price if you don’t properly estimate the size you require. Most companies have a large variety of tent sizes for different needs. Fortunately, a basic advantage of using a marquee tent is it can create a space for you.

Marquee tent rental companies often carry tents of all sizes’. You can choose tents ranging from 500 square feet to 7000 square feet for a wide range of needs. The tent size can be calculated through simple math; mainly, you need to consider the following three things:

# Guest count
The number of guests is the single most important factor that helps you decide the size of your marquee tent. In general, a space of 10X10 square feet is required for 7-8 guests. So, if you have 200 guests, you’ll require 200/8=25 round tables, which is equal to 25 *100= 2500 square feet.

# Party venue
If you are arranging a bridal party, you should consider the number of people who will be sitting in the room. Usually, 600 square feet worth space is required for a 25-people bridal party.

# Buffet
You need a minimum 12’*12’ area for arranging eight buffet tables, including the space for a buffet line. However, you can take a proper estimate of the space after having discussions with your caterer. In addition, you should factor in some extra space for other requirements as well. In general, a space of 400-500 square feet will be sufficient for 200 people.

3. How to hire a reputable marquee tent company
Choosing a reputable marquee tent provider is as difficult as finding any other professional. There are always only a few quality service providers in any area. However, you need to observe certain things to find a good one. If a vendor is not answering your queries or not picking the phone, be wary of them.

If they are not providing a written quote, simply discard them. The cost should include everything, from break-down of items, delivery, and upfront payment to taxes. If they refuse to provide a free quote, just move on to other vendors.

A good vendor will always be willing to visit your site at a nominal fee. Stay away from those vendors who charge a large fee, which is also non-refundable. Furthermore, they must have a clear cancellation policy. And, most importantly, check the quality of the tent. Ensure the tents are not shabby and are ideal wedding tents.

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4. What type of marquee tent you should choose
Marquees are certainly much more convenient, affordable, and versatile. They are a hassle-free solution to space constraint. However, choosing the right type of marquee is not that easy. To make the right decision, it’s important to know about them a bit.

The different types of marquees available in the market are as follows:

Framed marquee
Framed marquees are supported by an external frame without any internal supporting structure, which gives a clear view of the area and offers huge open space to your guests. Also, you can enjoy the freedom to choose the desired layout. However, the price of a framed tent is always on the higher side.

Trapeze marquees
These marquees are the best if you want to impress your guests and make a very definitive statement. They are erected with the help of tension rods, which gives them a stylish and innovative appearance.

Traditional marquees
They can be distinguished by their rope and pole construction. If you are looking for a vintage choice for your party, they can be a suitable option.

Summing up…
The choice of a particular marquee depends on your requirements and your preferences. The marquees you choose should also reflect the type of event or party you’re organising and give the right kind of vibe.

Hopefully, these points will dispel many doubts related to marquee tents if you have no prior experience about them. If you want more information on marquees for your event just get in touch with Schupepe Tents, we are the experts in marquee and tent hire.