Choosing the right wedding marquee can be a challenge since you need to consider many aspects ranging from colour, style, design to lighting and decor. After all, you would like to leave no stone unturned as far as the overall look of the wedding venue is concerned. However, you need to bear many factors in mind before taking a final call on your wedding marquee.

The following 5 tips will make your task easier:

1. Choose the Right Style
First of all, think about the style of the marquee that you desire to have. Know whether it is going to be traditional or modern or whether you would like to go for giant tipis or yurts. Before choosing the right style, keep in mind that traditional marquees cannot be arranged on a hard surface such as a courtyard.

Apart from this, you need to work out a few things: Do you want windows or doors open on one side? What kind of tables do you want — round or square? Answers to these questions will affect your choice of marquee style.

In case you’re just looking for a contemporary style, Capri marquees can be the right choice for you. They are popular for drinks tents and are especially suitable for summer wedding parties. They’re classy, solid and versatile that creates an amazing atmosphere. Contemporary tents have inner poles and their tops are curved, which gives them a timeless and elegant look.

If you love modern styles, go for a frame marquee. These tents have rectangular shapes and they don’t require inner poles for support. An aluminum skeleton structure holds them up. Many couples tend to prefer circus tents because of their high ceilings. People love their signature stripes, which add warmth to a wedding theme. Circus tents come with many inner poles; so, you should go for them only if you have planned out your space properly.

2. Think about the design
After style, it’s design and décor that add to the overall effect. When it comes to marquees, the devil lies in the detail. If you want a feel of luxury, use marquees that have linings. To enhance this effect, you can chose linings with prints.

3. Decide on the decor
Many couples seem to have a thing for long banqueting tables. Rounded tables are going out of fashion. These tables can be easily dressed and you don’t require a traditional seating plan.

4. Focus on lighting
Lighting is another area that should be taken care of properly. A better course of action would be to consult the lighting specialists of a marquee company who would offer practical advice. You also need to allow lighting for parking and pathways.

5. Don’t Ignore Ceilings
The most interesting aspect of a marquee is that you have a lot of scope for playing with its height. You can try out hanging lanterns, chandeliers or bunting. If you’re looking for a more intimate choice, opt for draping. You can also think about some more creative ideas to play with the height of ceilings in order to create a dramatic impact.

Last Words
Hope you enjoyed these tips. Marquees offer a lot of flexibility and if you let your creative juices flow properly, you can come up with many innovative ideas for your marquee wedding party.


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