Outdoor parties are usually refreshing and memorable, but you need to choose the right marquee to make yours a successful event. With their signature style, marquees create a ready-made theme for the party. So, without beating about the bush, let’s get into the heart of the matter quickly.Below, you will learn how you can choose the right marquee tent for your outdoor party:

1. Consider your choices properly
If your requirement involves a room in a field, a marquee is what will suit you the most. Marquees are classic, solid, versatile, and opulent and can be stripped back. They work fine irrespective of whether you are looking for string lights or chandeliers. A marquee offers a large degree of flexibility as it doesn’t have too many poles in the centre.

2. Number of guests
This is a given; still, people fail to consider the number of guests that are going to be in their party. Consequently, the size of the tent they choose may prove to be inadequate in accommodating everyone comfortably, or it may be too large and it may seem that a handful of people are sitting in a large hall, which will also look awkward.

3. Climate
This is another factor, which is surprisingly overlooked by people when it comes to choosing a marquee for outdoor parties. You need to consider both the average climatic and the temporary weather condition in your area and choose the right type of fabric accordingly. Decide whether you need a cold weather marquee or one for warm conditions. Such details will help you make better arrangements.

4. Extra space
The thought of extra space should be on your mind based on the type of event you’re hosting. For example, if a party requires a lot of tables and chairs, you may need a bit of extra space. This factor needs to be considered while zeroing in on the size of a marquee.

5. Quality of the fabric
Ensure that the fabric of the tent is of high quality and durable so that it doesn’t sustain scratches too easily.

6. Make an informed choice
This is again something that people don’t seem to care much about at all and can end up having a disappointing experience because of it. Marquees come in different varieties, offering a lot of flexibility based on your theme. You can choose a traditional marquee, stretch tent, modular pods or any other variant as per your requirement. Ask yourself whether you’re looking for a traditional option or a modern one.

Marquees are like a blank canvas, but when you choose them for a party, it is important to think of the vibe and the overall atmosphere you want to create, and the requirements you have. Whether you’re organising a band party, private party or want to erect a unique wedding venue, marquees make for the most versatile, flexible and beautiful choice for every occasion.