You are planning to organise a big wedding party; you set a date, and want to turn this event into something really memorable. However, you have to achieve everything with a limited budget. So, you are in a dilemma about what to choose — a marquee or a hotel for the big day. Making the right decision here is the first step that you take towards achieving your goal.

There are many aspects of planning a successful party such as timing, location, budget, number of guests etc. The decision should be weighed in terms of how flexible your choice is on different parameters. Hiring a marquee provides a lot of flexibility in terms of design and size, lighting, space, and, of course, location. You can arrange it in your small garden or in an open field; the options are limitless.Marquees over hotels, here are the reasons:

1. Flexible Design
Hiring a marquee for a wedding party has a clear advantage. It offers immense flexibility in terms of design. You can have larger clear span marquees with small Pagoda style marquees alongside for a bar or a dance floor. You can change everything, right from carpet designs to interior decoration. You can also add your own style and character, which is difficult to implement in hotels.

2. Advantage of Merging With Surroundings
Hiring a marquee enables you to merge with preferred surroundings. If you like a particular view, you will be able to make the most of it. Frame marquees are good for such occasions as they come with clear window walls and roofs. Your guests will have a fantastic view of the natural surroundings around them, even when they are inside the marquee.

3. No Restrictions on Number of Guests
Hotels have strict limitations on the number of guests because of their fixed size. That is not the case with marquee parties. You can make last minute changes to accommodate more guests. A marquee is like a flexible room, which can easily be expanded in size in order to make it a perfect fit for your celebration.4. Budget-Friendly
Managing a wedding party in a hotel is quite an expensive affair. Marquee weddings, on the other hand, fall within your budget. You have a wide range of options in everything, right from decor, caterers, menu to bar — you can really choose suppliers as per your pocket.

5. Ample Room for Creativity
Marquee wedding parties can be ideal if you want to do your own thing, which is a far cry from the traditional stuff. You can select a modern or a classic style, a vintage or a beach theme and the list goes on and on.

Summing Up…
By now, you should have some clarity about which of the two options is a better choice for a wedding party. There is no denying the fact that the kind of experience you get in marquee wedding parties is completely different from the one that you get to see in hotels or banquet halls. So, if a perfect setting for your events is what you are looking for, consider hiring a marquee wedding company.