Consumers Are Craving Live Experiences

It is no secret that new technology, specifically anything having to do with the internet, has been driving new marketing strategies these past few years. However, one thing that all marketers agree upon is that live events and experiences continue to be one of the most effective marketing strategies for long-term brand awareness and consumer engagement. In fact, as more people turn toward their mobiles or computers to interact with others, it seems that as a whole, society is craving authentic, live experiences.

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Live Events Continuously Rank as One of the Most Effective Marketing Techniques in ANY Marketing Campaign

While there are not a lot of hard statistics to be found concerning New Zealand, specifically – US statistics (Forrester Research) reveal that tradeshows and live events rank as the second most effective marketing technique (the first being a company’s website) for both B2B and B2C campaigns. In fact, 25% of marketing budgets are solely dedicated to in-person events.


Events allow you to engage existing and prospective clientele, generate leads, as well as build and promote your brand. Essentially you are fast-tracking the sales process by creating significant face time with your target audience. So how do you ensure that your brand stands out amongst the competition? Schupepe has you covered. Schupepe marquees are not only durable and flexible- they are also completely weather-proof and absolutely eye-catching.

See below for a list of live events that Schupepe’s corporate clients will be covering this year.

The Basics: Pop Up Tents vs Semi-Permanent Custom Fit Tents

The majority of businesses will choose semi-permanent marquees over pop-up tents – not just because of their aesthetic appeal but because of their durability and the over-all protection that they offer the public – from the elements as well as practical safety issues. While pop-up tents are easily assembled, they do not suit commercial purposes due to the fact that larger crowds require safer, sturdier structures.

Handy Infographic:

Pop-up tents. (2)

What Size Will I Require:

Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. There are a lot of variables involved when deciding the size of tent you will require. Listed below are some guidelines for specific events:

Formal dining: If you are going to use round tables – allow 12 sq ft per person. Rectangular tables will require 10 sq ft per person.

Seminars, lectures, or events – that require auditorium-style seating -should allow for up to 6 sq ft per chair (more if a lot of movement is needed)

Entertainment equipment (DJ’s/Bands/Theatrical/Dance) – basically anything that requires stages, dance floors, or bulky audio-visual/sound equipment – will require more exact measurements

Please note that Schupepe offers Interior Hire Options, Truss Structures and Theatre Flats

Sturdy Material – a Worthy Investment


FreeformFlexⓇ Fabric is the best in the industry!

Our FreeformFlexⓇ is the first of its kind and has set the standard in the rental industry for semi-permanent custom fits. It is completely weather-proof (water-proof and UV Resistant) and compliant with New Zealand’s fire and safety standards (AS/NZS 1530.2 1993, AS/NZS 1530.3 1999).

Other features include:

Completely Waterproof!

Our fabric has machine welded seams & joins making them 100% watertight
The seam tape actually melts into the top coating
The patches are welded – not sewn – so there are no needle holes

Perfect Stretch

Ability to enhance the existing architecture of any building
Instantly turn dead zones into viable, spacious venues
Can be installed/rigged quickly
The material can be created into practically any shape or form
Boasts a 3.5 ton bursting point but retracts back instantly to its original shape
Poles can be positioned and repositioned repeatedly
Innovative Fascia Guttering System which allows tents to be rigged off existing architectural features or existing walls

Elastic Polymer Coating

Able to withstand long periods out in the elements without deteriorating
Unparalleled ROI in comparison to the competition

Easily Repaired

Repairs can be made without damaging its waterproofing capabilities
A patch can be applied with heat to the elastic polymer coating with ease

High Tenacity Substrate

Easily branded
Schupepe even offers 3-D Animation so that you can visualise the effect

Machine Washable

It can also be instantly cleaned onsite
Will need a high-pressure hose & soft detergents

Polymer is Chemically Treated for Longevity

UV Stabilizers protect your guests and the tent itself
Teflon-treated/ Mould Inhibitors\
Anti-microbial treatment

Extremely Stable

When rigged properly our tents are less likely to:
Billow, lift, or flap in the wind

Range of Colours

Available in a range of monotones or two-tones
White underside with any colour you choose on the top

The Frames

We use commercial grade aluminum, wooden or stainless steel poles
Our “King Pole Jack” allows our riggers to jack up the tent for the perfect amount of tension before inserting the poles
Our aluminum pole connectors have been designed to ensure that the structure does not move once the poles are joined
Easily disassembled (complete with heavy-duty bag for transport) – allowing 2m and 1.5m lengths to be stored and hauled from point A to point B

Heineken tent


Venue owners, event management companies, and corporate sponsors may find that it is more cost-effective to purchase a branded tent from Schupepe if they host numerous events during the year. Your company’s logo can be digitally printed onto the canvas and we offer tailored branding solutions within the tent as well. If you would like to try a temporary branding solution – we offer the use of decals as well. You can use your branded marquee at charity events/fundraisers, expos, marathons, festivals, – basically any type of outdoor promotional event! Many of our clients have found that it is more cost-effective to purchase a branded tent, rather than hire a marquee several times throughout the year.

Eliminate The Guess-Work With 3-D Animation

Schupepe offers its corporate and event management clients a specialised 3-D animation service. Once we have completed our free on-site inspection, we can provide you with a detailed 3-D animation of exactly how a Schupepe marquee will look at your outdoor venue. There will be no doubt as to how impressive a stunning Schupepe canopy will be in any given space. Cost will be determined based on the complexity of the structure and the requirements of the interior. You can browse through our gallery to get a sense of how our 3-D animation service works.

Can’t Spare the Staff or the Space? Is Time of the Essence?

Schupepe Offers Managed Agreements!

Spend your time promoting your event and leave the maintenance and installation of the tent itself to the experts. We offer our clients a contract that ensures that we will look after your tent and install it when required.

What specifically does the Managed Agreement entail?

Set Fees
Tents will be cleaned & maintained
We will deliver it to site
Our expert rigging crew will install it
We will provide all necessary accessories such as poles, rope & pole caps, and baseplates
We will retrieve the tent from the site
Our expert rigging crew will take it down & pack it away
It will be stored safely at our warehouse

Additional Information!


A truss rig is basically a framework generally consisting of posts, struts, and rafters that support a roof, or other structure. These types of rigs are ideal for multi-day events such as festivals or corporate branded events. Our truss is able to withstand bulky, heavy equipment, larger lighting structures, and any type of signage or branding that you want to display. Our semi-permanent custom-made tents can not only handle four seasons in one day, but it can also withstand a substantial amount of foot traffic.

Interior Options

Schupepe is basically your one stop shop for outdoor events. We provide furniture, lighting, heating, flooring (this include dance floors!), and can provide additional smaller tents if your catering service requires a separate space. We understand that value of time and we do our best to make sure our client’s have everything they need to make their corporate event a success.




Northern Bass New Year’s Fest

In Auckland’s popular summer town, Mangawhai, Northern Bass is three days and nights of bringing in the New Year with a bang! Big name musicians, DJs and producers gather together to bring crowds internationally acclaimed bass music. In its fifth year and still going strong, it is the perfect place to set up your branded tent.

Prana Fest

This 4-day grass-roots, New Year’s festival is located at the end of Ohui Beach on New Zealand’s beautiful Coromandel Peninsula. This is a sponsorship-free event but if your organisation believes in ethical selling practices and minimising global footprints, it would be a perfect place to make your brand a well-known name. This is not your normal, mainstream event, but it is perfect for those who like to step outside of the norm.

Highlife New Year’s Party

Based on the success of last year’s party, Highlife NYE will be returning to the stunning Stoneyridge Vineyard on the one and only Waiheke Island. This party is strictly for adults (a strictly enforced R22) and is complete with fireworks and world-renown dance music. This is an ideal venue to give your brand the buzz it needs.

Tairua Food and Wine Fest

This is a great opportunity to give back to the community and help to support Tairua’s school. This year it will be held on Saturday, January 9th from 9 am to 4 pm at Tairua school. Last year they were able to use the funds to build a new storage shed and this year the funding will go toward school sports supplies, classroom technology, library resources, and a long list of other items that the school so desperately needs. This is a great way to show that your company is community-minded and perfect for a branded tent.


Auckland Seafood Festival

This year’s annual Auckland Seafood Festival will take place from January 29th to February 1st at Halsey Wharf, right in the heart of the city. This year there will be Friday and Saturday night sessions to add to the glorious four day event. Big crowds are always lured in by the decadent seafood, celebrity chef appearances, and live music. Place your branded tent in the thick of it all and your company is guaranteed to be noticed.

Seeport Festival

Ports of Auckland will be opening its gate to the public again for its annual celebration, the Seeport Festival. Held on Auckland Anniversary Weekend from 10 am to 6 pm on January 30 through to February 1st. There will be tours, live music, food, tours, and lots of family-friendly fun to be had. Allow your employees to put a face to the company name under a branded marquee next year.

The Pioneer

New Zealand’s very own unique event for mountain biking enthusiasts around the world allows riders to view some of the most remote parts of the South Island. The race starts in Christchurch and ends in NZ’s adventure capital, Queenstown. Bikers get to choose between a 7 -day, 3 -day, or 1-day course. Don’t miss your chance to sponsor some of New Zealand’s finest athletes starting January 30th and ending February 6th.


The Splore Festival will be returning again this year from February 19th to the 21st on the shores of Tapapakanga Park. There is always an eclectic line up of international and world class local musicians, an extraordinary visual arts display and a wide variety of unusual performances. Just 70 kms east of Auckland’s CBD, this festival is not one to be missed. Place your branded tent in the park and sit back and watch your popularity grow.

Auckland Arts Festival

This yearly event brings a full 19 days (March 2-20) of the world’s best dance, music, theatre, and circus to Auckland. It has everything from urban art to Opera, hilarious circus acts to emotional, high-drama theatre acts. If you want to impress your clients and VIPS – this is certainly the place to do it.

Contact us today and we will discuss your options. Purchasing a branded semi-permanent Schupepe tent will definitely expand your market without stretching your budget.