As the rest of the world is trading in their beach towels for scarves, Kiwis will be ready to slip, slop, slap and head toward the sea. Schupepe just provided marquees for Auckland University’s Winterfest and we were inspired to make a list of the coolest winter festivals around the world. So if you’ve decided that you just can’t get enough of winter, perhaps you might want to hit up one of these hot…er…cool spots.

sapporo snow festival

1. Sapporo Snow Festival

This festival, held every year over seven days in February, is one of Japan’s largest winter events. More than 2 million people come to see the spectacular ice sculptures and frozen art in Odori Park and Susukino. You can witness the crowning of a new Susukino Queen of Ice during a live beauty contest!

2. Whitefish Winter Carnival

Held in Whitefish, Montana, this is a yearly event filled with a wide variety of winter sports, street and ski parades, and even the annual Penguin Plunge – a dip into the freezing Whitefish Lake. National Geographic has hailed this Carnival one of the top winter events around the world. If you are dying to see how much your body can take before hypothermia takes over, head out to the states in early February for this famous event.

3. Quebec Winter Carnival

No list of winter festivals would be complete without Canada making the list. They have loads of winter events that are quite popular, but this one seems to be the crème de la crème. This festival includes a winter-themed amusement park, snow sled slides, snow rafting and skiing. Generally held in February, artists from around the globe compete – making spectacular snow sculptures.

4. Dartmouth Winter Carnival

This event, which initially began in 1910 as a field day for students, has quickly become one of the most popular festivals in New England. Ice-skating parties and horse-drawn sleigh rides are just some of the traditions that folks around the world have come to enjoy. There are human dogsled races and characters competing in a 3K skiing race wearing nothing but pajamas or capes! It is indeed – a sight to behold.

fur rendezvous

5. Fur Rendezvous

This 10-day celebration held in late February in North America’s coldest state – Alaska – is an amazing event. There will be reindeer. Yes, actual reindeer! There is a famous frostbite footrace, along with snowshoe softball and sled dog races. The Fur Rendezvous in Alaska has been named the largest winter festival in North America!

While we may not get any snow in Auckland, we still know how to throw a good winter festival! The students at Auckland University did a great job with Winterfest this year. There was incredible carnival food, games, acrobatics, and an awesome set by P Money. Schupepe was happy to provide the marquees for the festival. It was a tricky rig because the location is considered “historic” and as such, we were not allowed to peg into the ground or tie off guy-ropes to any structures, buildings, walls, or poles. This meant we had to hire in a hiab-truck and bring in 12 x 1 tonne concrete weights in order to tie the tent/ropes effectively. We love thinking outside of the box. Our crew did a great job and the event went off without a hitch!

auckland winterfest2

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