Summer is one of the busiest times in the marquee hire industry. It is also one of New Zealand’s most unpredictable seasons. Schupepe’s marquees are 100% weatherproof; however, there are additional ways to protect you and your guests from adverse weather conditions. We will share with you the same sound advice that we give to all of our clientele. If you are prepared, whacky weather will not ruin your wedding.


From Auckland to Invercargill, summer weather reports will include a sun, a cloud, and raindrops. Four seasons in one day is not just cool lyrics in a song, it is a reality here in New Zealand. Mud is public enemy number one when it comes to outdoor weddings. Our marquees will protect your head and our installation crew will advise on the best place to set up the tent – avoiding sloped areas.

Flooring is essential because it will protect your guests from mud and possible injury. Simply throwing a carpet over matting on the grass will not do!
• Think about mass travel and create pathways to parking and restroom areas.
• It might pay to attach smaller marquees to the main one for bathrooms, catering and photography stations, or a dressing room to redo the bride’s make-up.
• Provide guests with parasols or umbrellas (which could double as a unique wedding favour).



Our professional installation crew will ensure that your marquee will not fly away in the middle of the ceremony. We will make sure everything is secured and weighted properly. That being said, you may want to consider other things that may fly away during the event if the walls are up to allow the wind to blow through.

• Instead of having place cards set out on a table (as is generally the norm) you can attach the seating cards to your guests’ wedding favour. Another way is to write the seating arrangements on a chalkboard or funky little sign.
• In fact, avoid a lot of lightweight, paper crafts if you can
• Use fabric napkins with ring holders
• Weigh down any centrepieces such as light vases with rocks so that they don’t fall over during the reception.


Our summertime sunshine is beautiful but brutal. Thankfully, the material of our stretch tents will protect your guests from harmful UV rays. We also have removable/ roll-up walls that allow a nice breeze to circulate throughout the marquee. However, there are a few additional details that would be helpful.

• It is absolutely essential to research your location thoroughly and visit it during the exact time you will be having your wedding so you know the position of the sun on your big day. You want to take advantage of a beautiful sunset or sunrise, not be blinded by the mid-day sun– so consider having the ceremony at a specific time or make sure the windows are facing in the most opportune position.
• Set up outdoor furniture near shaded areas and provide plenty of non-alcoholic refreshments
• Not only could you give out umbrellas as guest favours, you could also provide fun sunglasses, or programmes that double as fans to help protect people from the heat.
• Depending on the time of year, it may be worthwhile to invest in air-conditioning or fans.


Wedding weather disasters can be avoided when you plan ahead. If you are thinking of having your wedding outdoors; hiring a marquee is not only a necessity for comfort but it is also a great way to add some elegance to New Zealand’s breathtaking landscape. Our experienced staff at Schupepe will not let the unpredictable weather in the land of the long white (storm) cloud ruin your wedding day.

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