Are you in charge of planning the Christmas Party for your Company? Don’t stress, Schupepe has you covered in more ways than one. Not only do we provide you with marquees that allow you to add additional space to your venue, but since we’ve been in the party-planning scene for a while – we can also give you some handy pointers on how to plan an epic corporate christmas party! So before your eyes start watering over all of the possibilities on Pinterest… have a look at this handy checklist.

1.Will you require a committee or a party planner/ event manager?

2.Set the date as soon as possible as venues book up quickly around Christmas time, also make sure that it does not coincide with any other work-related events

3.Determine the budget as this will affect all other decisions.

4.Find out if the Christmas Party is just for employees or will spouses/significant others and clients be invited?

5.Create a guest list.

6.Send out a save the date email – this email could also serve as a way to ask for suggestions for possible themes, as well as finding out if there are any special dietary requirements.

7.Will guests be contributing to the ticket price?

8.Once you know the budget, determine the level of formality and the style/theme of your Corporate Christmas Event.

9.Allocate the following common costs into the budget:

  • Venue Hire/ Marquee Hire
  • Insurance/Deposit/ Bonds (if applicable)
  • Invitations (including postage)
  • Decorations (if outside remember furniture, etc)
  • Entertainment (DJ/ Band/ Etc…)
  • Food & Beverages
  • Catering/ Wait & Bar Staff
  • Lighting & Sound (if applicable)
  • Emergency Fund for Unexpected Costs!

xmas marquee

10. Start calling venues immediately for quotes and to confirm availability.
11. Ensure that the venue is easily accessible to guests and has accommodation nearby (if applicable)
12. You should ask the venue the following questions:

  • What is available for you to use and what exactly do you need to hire?
  • This includes furniture, wait staff, entertainment equipment, decorations, etc…
  • Is cleaning included in the quote?
  • Will they supply the alcohol and if not, do they have a proper license?
  • If it is an outdoor party, is there a noise ordinance you need to be aware of?
  • Is parking available and is it sufficient for your amount of guests?
  • Ask to organise a site visit and take pictures so that you can visualise the area when you are planning your theme
  • If you haven’t received all the RSVP’s yet, you can ask if the venue is willing to allow you to add guests at a later date

Part II to follow!

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