Already? Yes, it is never too early to start planning if you want your work celebration to run smoothly. Some of you may have just had the mid-winter Christmas party last month, keep the momentum going and start organising your Holiday extravaganza now. If you want the best venue, entertainment, and food – it is best to begin a little earlier than everyone else. Here at Schupepe, we are already getting bookings for our marquees, so we thought we’d help out by providing you with a handy guide to planning an epic corporate Christmas party.

1. First things, first – The Budget!

Obviously, the size of your budget will be the determining factor in the type of Christmas party that you organise. This is the first order of business so that you can plan accordingly. To be on the safe side, you will want to assume that everyone will be attending. Decisions will need to be made as to whether guests will be contributing to the ticket price. You will also want to put some money aside, as unexpected costs can occur at any time for any size event.

corporate tent

2. Think outside the box… forget the box… think outside.

Whether you are hosting a party for 20 or 2,000, it is absolutely essential to get the basics right. Venue sourcing should be the first thing on your list. The great thing about hiring a marquee for your corporate event is that you can have your party practically anywhere. You will not have to worry about furniture, lighting, or flooring as our interior hire options provide you with everything you need for a successful event.

3. Tone – the cornerstone of any event!

Will this be an informal, once-a-year celebration where the employees go a little wild or will it be a formal affair where clients and associates are invited? Perhaps presentations and award ceremonies will be involved? Regardless, if you choose a Schupepe tent to cover your event, we can ensure flexibility – altering the mood with clever lighting and stage flooring. It is also important to note that some corporate offices choose to have less formal Christmas parties – as everyone is desperate to get away from the office atmosphere. Industrial offices tend to prefer more formal events – giving everyone a chance to dress up. The most important thing is to create an environment that does not resemble work.

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4. A unique theme pulls everything together.

A memorable Christmas party is an entirely themed event – and the options are endless. Once you have selected an appropriate theme, it is easier to make decisions concerning food, entertainment, and décor. Adding a bit of competition to the mix is always a crowd pleaser. Quizzes, murder mystery games, and casino evenings are very popular these days. If you would like something more upscale, wine tasting is always a safe bet! Schupepe Tents has a wide variety of interior options and a long list of trusted vendors to supply anything that we do not have in stock.

5. Eat, drink, and be merry!

You should start thinking about catering approximately two to three months before the event and choose a menu that is affordable and will appeal to various tastes. Incorporate the theme where possible, but also allow for vegetarian options and other dietary requirements. Depending on the tone and size of the event, you will need to decide if a buffet or a three-course sit-down meal is more appropriate. No party is complete without alcohol, but of course it is imperative to make responsible and cost-effective decisions. A general rule of thumb is to allow two drinks per guest for the first hour of the event and then one drink per hour thereafter. Don’t forget soft drinks, juice, and water – not everyone plans on getting sloshed at the annual Christmas party!

fun party tent

6. The Wow Factor – essentials for entertainment…

The difference between a ho-hum party and an all-out bash is the element of fun. Nothing says epic festive fail like an empty dance floor. Hire a DJ, musician, or live band – schupepe tents can supply the stage, dance floor, and lighting. We have truss rigs that are perfect for tolerating heavy sound equipment and large lighting rigs – ensuring your event is not only spectacular but safe! Give your employees something to talk about other than work and provide them with fodder for water-cooler talk for years to come.

Start planning this year’s epic festive event. A marquee is to an adult what bouncy castles are to children! Tents symbolize both fun and elegance. Contact us today and allow us to help you create a memorable holiday event for your staff and clientele.