The 21st Century couple embraces technology and appreciates all of the ways in which it makes wedding planning a breeze and the big day a success. If you have ever planned a wedding, you will know just how stressful and time-consuming it can be. The majority of young couples getting married today are constantly switched on and plugged in. They can create a wedding website, a custom #hashtag via Instagram, send out invitations and receive RSVP’s online. Couples today are kicking it up a notch with cutting-edge technology. Listed below are Schupepe’s  top 3 high-tech wedding trends.



The Ringly links to your phone and sends you customized alerts through vibration and light. It allows you to put away your mobile devices, enjoy the moment, but still feel connected. Ringly has an 18K matte gold plated setting and comes in a wide variety of precious and semi-precious stones.

We can’t leave out the groom. The Apple Watch can track how fast the Groom’s heart races when he sees his sweetheart float down the aisle. After the wedding and on their honeymoon, he can use it to navigate their way to a private beach.

wedding drone


Wedding Drones are being used by photographers and videographers to capture shots at every angle in any location. Imagine getting aerial footage of New Zealand’s breathtaking landscape, the elegant wedding marquee, and all of your friends and family gathered around you.

Stuff a GoPro in your bridal bouquet and record your groom’s awe-stricken face as you walk down to meet him at the altar. Your florist can actually save a spot in your bridal bouquet especially for the GoPro.

Some couples take it to the next level and use robots to live-stream their wedding. Over-seas relatives can watch the ceremony from afar. Generally that job is reserved for a groomsman or another friend (a drive you to the airport and pick you up kind of friend).

3D wedding cake


The 3-D printing trend is buzzing in Gordon Ramsey circles and now it is making its way to the wedding industry. Your cake baker can transform a plain wedding cake into a three-dimensional work of art. They can even replace the plastic couple that adorns the top of the wedding cake with a yummy edible version.

Disney created a line of wedding cakes with digital mapping projections. You can map your engagement picture, your vows, and a poem – anything that has special meaning to you – onto your cake.

Here at Schupepe, we love weddings and technology. We were one of the first companies to bring our special brand of stretch tents to the New Zealand market. Will you and your fiancé be the first to have a robot officiate marry you under one of our beautiful wedding marquees? Contact us today and let us help you with your high-tech wedding.