Gone are the days of poofy white wedding gowns, churches, and banquet halls. Couples are still saying I do but emphatically saying I don’t – to out-dated wedding traditions. Weddings today are a reflection of the bride and groom’s personalities and unique tastes. Given the fact that most couples are getting married later in life and are paying for their own celebration, it seems only fair that they spend their money on making the day memorable for them instead of worrying about custom. Here at Schupepe, we have had the great honour of being involved in a wide variety of weddings – each unique and poignant. Listed below are this year’s top five wedding trends that bend the rules and defy tradition!


Unpredictable Wedding Venues

While some people still prefer to get married in churches, the vast majority of couples are exploring different and unexpected wedding venues. New Zealand is host to breath-taking landscapes and many of our clients take advantage of the natural beauty our country has to offer. Our weather-proof, flexible wedding marquees provide the perfect cover for ceremonies on isolated beaches, iconic cliff-tops, and lush, green open fields.

Wedding Weekends

Modern couples want their wedding to be a gala to remember instead of just another cookie-cutter, one-day event. Themes such as wedstivals and glamping-inspired weddings are becoming quite popular for those that want to keep the fun going all weekend long. Our marquees allow our client’s imaginations to run amok without worrying about the rain or mud. You can set up your own personal Wedstock or Wedfest in your backyard, a camping site, an island, or a paddock. You and your guests can celebrate anywhere, anytime while making use of the awe-inspiring backdrop that New Zealand provides and we make sure you are equipped with all the comforts of home.

A Truckload of Food

Traditionally, food has been served banquet or sit-down style – with three choices – beef, chicken or seafood. Couples are spicing things up a bit and giving their guests more options. Taco bars, crepe stations, cupcake corners, and even food trucks offering anything from oysters to mini-burgers.

The Tech Wedding

This can go either way. Some couples will want an unplugged event. They may want to discourage their guests from being tied to their phones during the wedding and will offer a phone check at the door. However, other couples will go to the other extreme and will want to memorialize every moment via social media outlets using custom hashtags. Some brides are putting a GoPro in their bouquets to capture a unique view of the ceremony. Photographers are even using drones to take amazing aerial shots of the wedding. For those couples getting married overseas, Skype and Facetime allow for virtual guest participation.


Keeping it Green

It is possible to have the wedding of your dreams without leaving a super-sized carbon footprint. Traditional venues such as resorts and hotels are not the most environmentally friendly options. Here at Schupepe we implement a sustainability programme with Instep that enables us to minimise our impact on the environment. We are also able to recommend caterers that grow food locally without pesticides. Couples who make use of our interior hire options also cut down on transportation emissions by reducing the need for multiple vendors.

Your wedding vows should be the only ties that bind you – not tradition! Let us help you create the wedding of your dreams. Call us today for a quote.