Wedding festivities are generally focussed entirely on the bride; however, as men become more evolved and involved – grooms are steadily joining their beloveds on centre stage. BuzzFeed Life recently coined the phrase, Bro-dal shower (a bridal shower for bro’s – in case it went over your head)– insisting that modern men desire a more laidback way to celebrate their upcoming nuptials with their friends besides the standard – often over-the-top stag do.

Here at Schupepe, our tents have covered numerous bridal showers, engagement parties, and weddings all over New Zealand. We have yet to be involved in a Bro-dal shower, but we are betting that our kiwi men will be on board for some groom-centric fun that doesn’t involve severe hangovers and gaping black hole memories.

drunk bachelor party

Why throw a “Bro-dal” Shower?

Why not throw a Bro-dal Shower? That should be the question! Why should brides be the only one showered with gifts and attention before the big day? A Bro-dal shower is a perfect opportunity for older friends and family members – who might not necessarily enjoy the festivities generally associated with bachelor parties – to join in the fun.

The Buzzfeed staff threw two bro-dal showers for their co-workers incorporating Lumberjack and Batman and Robin themes. Instead of dainty, crust-free, triangle sandwiches and puff pastries, these guys went all out with moonshine and a chocolate cake shaped as a tree stump.
groom cake

If you know a groom-to-be who might enjoy another excuse to party and celebrate his upcoming nuptials – be a good mate and surprise him with a Kiwi version of this American trend. Schupepe’s marquees have covered bridal showers in backyards and campgrounds during the winter – on cliff-tops and beaches during the summer – the possibilities are endless.

Contact us today and let’s get this manly party started.