Glamping has become quite popular over the past few years. It is for those of us who love the outdoors but require the comforts of home in order to truly relax. Why “rough it” if you don’t have to? Glamping inspired weddings are perfect for New Zealand natives, given the natural beauty of our varied landscapes. Schupepe’s Freeform Flex Fabric Stretch Tents and Marquee options are ideal options as we provide interior hire options such as furniture, lighting, heating and flooring to make your event as comfortable and glamorous as possible.

Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves may have made the idea of glamping inspired weddings popular, but Kiwi’s can take it to the next level. We have a wide variety of rustic and awe-inspiring outdoor settings. Here are some ideas to incorporate in your glamping wedding theme.

• Add elegance and colour by making use of New Zealand’s wildflowers for centrepieces.
• Have fire pits strategically placed around your glamp-site
• Organize outdoor activities instead of having a traditional wedding reception.
• Bring cricket bats, rugby balls, fishing gear (if appropriate)
• A bush walk procession to the altar may be fun.

There are a million ways that you can make your glamping inspired wedding a success. Regardless of venue, amount of guests, or unpredictable weather, we have you covered. Marquees are perfect for outdoor weddings as they provide that extra personalized touch to your special day. The material is extremely flexible, allowing it to be installed practically anywhere. We also provide freeform flex fabric stretch tents that are completely weatherproof – so you can have your wedding in an open field, in the woods, on the beach, the options are limitless. Our interior hire options will help to add the extra dash of glamour required for your glamping inspired wedding.