Schupepe Tents Presents: Whacky Wedding Traditions

Schupepe Tents has had the pleasure of helping brides and grooms say I do in the most untraditional of places due to the flexibility of our stretch tents and marquees. The days of strictly adhering to tradition are quickly coming to an end. People are more inclined to have their weddings anywhere, anytime, for any length of time they choose. Our company has had the great privilege of making this possible. We have seen a lot over the years, but we can certainly haven’t seen everything! Here is a fun list of whacky wedding traditions practiced around the world that Schupepe Tents has yet to see practiced here in New Zealand.

Hearts & Bowels: Ready to Burst!

In Northern Borneo, specifically the tribes of the Tidong community, newlyweds are locked in their home and are prohibited from urinating or emptying their bowels for a total of three days and nights.

Who Needs Cupid?

Yugur (an ethnic Chinese minority) natives believe that eternal love can only be achieved if the groom shoots his bride with a bow and arrow before the wedding – not just once, but three times. Granted, the arrows don’t have spearheads, but still, it can’t be pleasant.

No Laughing Matter

Can you imagine not being able to smile at your own wedding? In the Congo, if you want your nuptials to be taken seriously, you and your partner cannot crack a grin.

Who Needs Rice When You Have Rubbish?

In certain areas of Scotland, brides get tied to a tree and then their friends throw the grossest things they can find at them. The general idea is that if you can endure this, you can handle marriage.

Who is the Weirdo Wearing White?

Many cultures around the world find it strange that women choose white wedding g owns. In many other countries, women choose dresses that are flamboyant and full of colour.
In this day and age, many people are doing away with out-dated traditions and making their wedding an event that fits both the bride and groom’s personalities. The options are limitless and here at Schupepe Tents & Marquees, we pride ourselves on our ability to make our customers’ king and queen for a day or an entire weekend.