Host Your Corporate Charity Events with Schupepe Tents & Marquees

The change of seasons is no reason to put your corporate charity event on hold. Organizing a charity event in Autumn or Winter can be much easier than in the warmer months. Most people are back from their holidays and it gives people a much-needed excuse to get out of their slippers and into their party shoes. Schupepe’s stretch tents and marquees make the often daunting task of organizing a fall charity event a lot easier; by providing weatherproof shelter, interior hire options, digitally branded tents, and ultimate flexibility. Listed below are some pointers to help make your charity event a success.


Most organizations have several other important goals in mind along with simply raising money for their fundraising. Charity events are a perfect way to gain positive publicity in the community, as well as networking and developing mutually beneficial relationships in both the private and public sector. Branded stretch tents are an ideal way to promote your


You must decide how much money you hope to raise by this event after the expenses are deducted. This budget will need to include the cost of the venue, catering, décor, utilities, etc… Schupepe Tents & Marquees can help cut down this cost by providing interior hire options such as flooring, lighting, heating, and décor. We also offer weatherproof and flexible solutions when it comes to choosing a venue.


Walk-a-thons and Dance-a-thons are quite popular and only require a minimal amount of personal risk when organized efficiently. Hosting golf tournaments or various other sporting events is a great way to unite a multitude of people to support a worthy cause. Wine-tasting events or garden parties are easy to arrange this time of year as well. The possibilities are endless. Schupepe Tents & Marquees will provide sufficient cover from the elements and make sure your potential donors are lavished in comfort and style.

Schupepe Tents will ensure that you have all of your bases covered. Our experienced professionals will see to it that your goals are achieved and that your brand is represented in a way that reflects your company’s image. We are renowned for completing projects on time and within budget. Please contact us for a quote.