Eco Friendly Schupepe

Schupepe Tents is passionate about the environment. Most of us here in New Zealand of us were raised to be “tidy Kiwis”, and we have passed this love and need to protect out beautiful country on to our children. Eco-friendly events are more important than ever, now that we all have a better awareness of our carbon footprint. Make your event eco-friendly with the following tips:

Go Paperless!

There are various ways to use electronic forms of communication to invite or inform people of your event. The fewer items in print or on paper means that there will be less waste is created.

Recycle – The Easiest Way To Reduce Waste.

Buy items in bulk so that there is less packaging to dispose of. Use as many reusable items as you can from linens to serving dishes. Opt for drink items that have the least amount of glass bottles or aluminum cans. Make sure that there are enough recycle bins that are appropriately labeled to make it easier on your guests to do the right thing.

Waste Not, Want Not…

There is generally a lot of leftovers that can be given to charities after the event. Food that cannot be given away can certainly be used for composting. Even decorations can be given away to guests at the end of the event instead of being thrown away.

There Are So Many Ways To Keep It Green.

Use as much natural light as you can or use LED lights to save on electricity. Encourage car-pooling or provide mass transportation to and from your event.

And Last But Not Least…

Schupepe Tents can provide you with the option of buying your own tent to reuse or hiring a tent that we will reuse. It is a win-win either way. We have high-quality, weather-proof, environmentally-friendly tents and sustainable catering options to make your tented event as green as you want it to be.