Remember The Party – Not The Stress – With Schupepe’s Stretch Tents

Planning the perfect party for your loved one can be overwhelming. Whether it be a 21st, an Anniversary, Engagement or Baby Shower, you want it to be a memorable celebration. There is no need to stress yourself out. Schupepe Tents can help provide the shelter and take care of the other details that get in the way of you having an experience free from anxiety. Here is a little to-do list we have prepared to help you get started and we will take care of the rest!

Set a Date & a Venue

If you want a particular venue that requires advanced booking, you will need to be more flexible than if you were to hold your event at your home. The great thing about stretch tents is that we can set up in your backyard, at the beach, anywhere your heart desires. This makes it easier to have a unique event on the day that you want.

Confirm the Amount of Guests

It is imperative that you have a good idea of how many people will be attending your event. This may prove difficult with some people not responding to invites or last minute circumstances changing your invitee’s plans. A good rule of thumb is to assume that at least 15% of the people on your guest list will not be able to attend. Use that number to base decisions on size of venue and structure, as well as determining catering choices. Stretch tents come in many shapes and sizes, flexible enough to accommodate any and all of your needs.

Set a Firm Budget

Shupepe Tents makes this easier by providing you with package deals that provide everything you need to make your event a success. Take into consideration how much it would cost to pay for everything separately, which means the cost of the venue, décor, catering, etc… The only additional thing that you would need to consider is outside entertainment. However, most of the time when you have created the right ambience and provide great food, just being with your loved ones is all the entertainment you will need. Schupepe Tents can accommodate every budget and various styles to make your private party the coolest event this Autumn.