While some feel that wedding websites, or as the cool kids are calling them, “wedsites” are a little narcissistic and OTT, some couples are finding them extremely helpful. Basically, the point of these sites is to inform your guests so that you are not bombarded with questions about your wedding. Planning a wedding is stressful enough without your Auntie Barbara calling you and asking if she will need to bring her rabbit fur coat or your cousin Bobby asking if he can bring his fifteen kids. Schupepe has decided to make it easy for you! Listed below is all you need to know about wedding websites.

What are the benefits?

Essentially, having a wedding website makes your life a lot easier. Here’s why:

rsvp wedding website

1. You have the option of doing it for FREE.
2. Save money on invites and printing costs
3. No waiting for RSVP’s in the mail.
4. Easy online access to your gift registry
5. Easy online access to all information (directions, time frames, etc)
6. You can add information that would be odd on a formal invite
7. Ability to change plans without having to call everyone personally.
8. Environmentally friendly!

What do I include in my wedding website?

The simple answer is anything you want! Just like the wedding itself, your wedding website should be a reflection of you and your partner’s personalities. That being said, here are some suggestions.

how we met wedding website

1. Keep in mind that it should be a fun way to convey information to your guests. Don’t stress about making it perfect – don’t go crazy trying to design the world’s best wedding website.
2. Make suggestions – not demands! Instead of saying… NO high-heels, you could say… while there will be wooden flooring inside the marquee, the grounds outside may not be stiletto-friendly.
3. Don’t go overboard with the information provided. Keep it simple and instruct people if something is out of the ordinary. For example, you would need to let people know if it is going to be a cash bar or if there are parking instructions, etc..
4. Have fun with the bio/ How We Met section. This could be something you and your partner could do together. People LOVE a good – how we met – story.
5. It is not in bad taste to include information about your registry. The guests will appreciate it if you simply embed a link to your registry on your wedding website.

So, the two most important things – inform your guests of the essential information and have fun with it! Every wedding website should include the following information: time frames, directions, gift suggestions, appropriate attire, and whether cash will be required on the day.

Summer is just around the corner and if you are planning an outdoor wedding, now is the time to book your wedding marquee from Schupepe. We are quickly booking out, so give us a call today to book your free site visit.