Gone are the days of the quaint white chapel wedding! Couples are ditching traditional places for more creative venues. We all want our wedding day to be unique, but some couples take it the next level. Here at Schupepe, we’ve had the pleasure of placing our wedding marquees in some of the most exotic venues that New Zealand has to offer. For fun, we’ve decided to compile a list of 3 weird & whacky wedding venues where couples have exchanged “I Do’s.”

zero gravity wedding

Who needs GRAVITY when you’ve got LOVE?

For this wedding “ride” you may want to put on some shorts underneath your wedding dress if it flows out from the waist. You also better hope that your wedding party hasn’t eaten too much before the ceremony. Couples have reportedly spent around $24K US to float around in a zero-gravity cabin for their nuptials. Essentially, you and your guests (up to 36 people) – climb on board a plane that makes parabola loops at around 34,000 feet in the air- and you and your loved ones get to weightlessly hover in the cabin for approximately 8 minutes.

A JAWs-Dropping Wedding

Ditch the wedding gown for a wet-suit and some scuba gear! Couples are diving underwater, locking themselves into a steel cage and exchanging vows with sharks for an audience. There is a 120,000-gallon shark tank located at Atlantis Marine World in Riverhead, NY filled with nurse and sand tiger sharks where couples have gotten married. Or, you could sail off the coast of Nassau, Bahamas with six special guests, for the small price of approximately $1500 US and explore shipwrecks with the sharks for your underwater nuptials.

bungee jump wedding


In 2013, an Australian couple decided to leap into marriage by bungee-jumping off the Auckland Bridge. Generally, the Auckland Bridge is a hot spot for proposals, but this couple took it to the next level. There is also a company in Prague called, Wedding in the Sky, and for around €25,000, you and your wedding party will be lifted on a platform by a crane that goes 160 feet into the air. Afterward, you and your guests can bungee jump in the name of love.

Regardless of what venue you choose, a wedding marquee might just be the very thing you need. Contact Schupepe today to book your free on-site visit, as we are quickly booking out for the summer!