The average couple forks out over $30,000 to pay for the picture-perfect wedding day. Besides the staggering cost, couples spend an enormous of amount of time and energy planning their spectacular matrimonial event. However, as we all know, things rarely go according to plan A. Sometimes we just have to skip to Plan G – G for grin and bear it. That being said, Schupepe has compiled a list of tips on how to prevent the top 3 wedding nightmares.

wedding dress disaster

Bridal Gown Blow-Out

So, you’ve picked the one – the wedding dress you have been dreaming of since you were a little girl – it hugged your curves in all the right places. It fit like a glove when you first tried it on. You may have over-indulged a few times at the engagement party, the bridal shower, the hen do; but who is counting? You go to put the dress on the day of the wedding and you can’t get it over your hips.
Always try your wedding dress on a few days before the ceremony to make sure it still fits like a glove and not a sausage casing. In fact, try everything on. Break in your Cinderella slippers to avoid smearing the dance floor with the blood from your blistered feet.

AWOL Wedding Party Member


Sally has been your BFF since you were wearing pigtails. She cried when you asked her to be your Maid of Honour. Although she lives a plane ride away, the two of you have remained friends. It is the day of the rehearsal dinner and Sally is stuck at the airport because of bad weather.


Always ask your wedding party to arrive the day before the rehearsal dinner. If they are low on funds, it may be worth it to pay for their accommodation or make sure they have someplace to stay.

kid at wedding reception

Ring-Bearer/Flower-Girl Fiasco


So let’s say they behaved during the ceremony (sort of) and now they have stuffed their faces with wedding cake and are running around screaming like banshees during the reception.


If you are going to invite children, make sure you have things for them to do. If you don’t have children yet, enlist the help of a friend who can guide you in the right direction. Get a Frozen DVD and just Let it Go.

Someone’s Nana said, plan for the worst and hope for the best. Schupepe’s wedding marquees will have you covered if it decides to rain on your big day. If you are planning to get married this summer, it would be best to enquire about our onsite visits now before we book out!