Is it time to start thinking about a venue for your wedding? Marquees may seem like a lot of work due to the fact that you are creating a venue out of thin air – but it is much easier than it may seem. Plus the benefits completely outweigh any potential drawbacks. Schupepe has been privileged to see wedding marquees become increasingly more popular over the years. Why? Well, we have comprised a list of the top 5 reasons to choose a marquee wedding over a traditional venue.

1. Say I Do – Anywhere you Choose

You can basically choose your view – perhaps your parents have incredible sea views, or there is an open field in your hometown that holds special memories – your options are limitless. Our flexible marquees can be manipulated to fit in any space and can be installed anywhere. Even if you chose to go the traditional route, many established wedding venues will allow the use of marquees onsite.


2. Personalise your Very Own Blank Canvas

Every marquee wedding that Schupepe has been a part of has been completely unique, intimate, and incredibly personal – as weddings should be. You don’t have to work with existing décor – you get to specifically choose your own colours and themes. Schupepe has a multitude of interior hire options available, but we are happy to outsource anything that we don’t have available to suit your individual tastes. Set venues will ensure that you use their catering services and will have menus that cannot be customised. Basically, with a marquee wedding, you have complete control over every detail.


This means absolutely no restrictions when it comes to a season, limited time-frames, and the number of guests. While marquees are generally associated with summer/spring weddings, Schupepe has hosted quite a lot of beautiful winter/fall weddings. Our marquees are completely weather proof and we provide heating solutions that guarantee the comfort of your guests. With a marquee, you can choose a vineyard, paddock, beach, or field where neighbours cannot be disturbed – so there will be no forced finishing times. If you must invite Uncle Ted and your ten cousins, marquees allow you the freedom to do so. In fact, we have a handy size and accommodation guide to help you.

4. Sticking to a Budget

Regardless of your particular price range, marquee weddings allow you the flexibility to work within any budget. In fact, a lot of people choose to cut down costs by doing their own decorating or incorporating help from family and friends. Put your hard-earned money to better use – whether you want an incredible DJ, or exquisite food, an overflowing, unlimited bar – the choice is yours.

marquee wedding sea views

5. Break Away from Tired Traditions

If you desperately want to do your own thing – a marquee wedding is definitely the way to go. The only thing that all marquee weddings have in common is that they showcase New Zealand’s breathtaking landscape. Instead of your guests dancing the night away under harsh, fluorescent lights, they will be illuminated by the stars in the night sky, with fairy lights gently twinkling in the background. Have a look through our gallery at some of the photos – absolutely stunning and each one personal and unique.

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