Ok. So you have decided to have a marquee wedding, which means that you have limitless options for the venue. Schupepe Stretch Tents & Canopies have had the pleasure of covering a wide variety of locations – private residences, farms, private open sites, public open sites, parks, restaurants, beaches, and forests. It is their business to know what is needed at various locations. One of our favourite places to rig our wedding marquees is a private residence. Not only is it a more intimate, personal setting – but it is generally the most cost-effective option, although there may be additional costs that you have not thought to include. Below is guide explaining what you can expect if you have your outdoor, marquee wedding at a private residence.

Why a Marquee?

Having your wedding in your own backyard is obviously the most economical choice when compared to hiring a venue. Most homes do not have the capacity to hold over 100 guests, and even if they did – the owners probably do not want that many people wandering throughout their home. Marquees not only add elegance to any event as well as create additional space away from your home so that it isn’t overcrowded with guests.


How are they installed?

It is important to note that tent installations on grass, gravel, asphalt, or sand are not overly complicated. We simply use steel pegs below ground to hold guy-ropes in the optimum position. While it is possible for us to rig our tents on uneven surfaces, you may want to keep in mind that you will require an even, flat space, if you plan on having your guests dine at tables, or sit in furniture beneath the tent.

What about the weather?

In the winter, due to the cold and rain, we recommend roof-line rigs to keep the indoor-outdoor flow, not to mention their striking appearance. We use specially designed anchors to attach our tents directly to your roof. This way we can ensure that there is no gap between your house and the tent – ensuring that guests stay dry and comfortable. If you are having a summer wedding, our tents also protect your guests from the sun, as they are made from material that is completely weather-proof.

Interior Hire Options

Schupepe Tents has more than just the marquee covered, we have several flooring options that not only enhance the interior environment but also provide safety for your wedding guests. We can provide all of the furniture that you will need to comfortably seat your guests. We have a wide variety of lighting options guaranteed to add that extra bit of pizazz to your ceremony. For cold nights and winter months, we can offer diesel fan heaters that inject bursts of warmth throughout the entire tent. This is in addition to the standard patio heaters on offer.


Additional Tips for a Successful Outdoor Wedding at a Private Residence:

• Rule of thumb: six to ten square feet of floor space per guest for row-seating
• Don’t try to do it all yourself, if you are not going to hire a wedding coordinator, then at least hire people to cover the basics: setting up, cooking, serving, parking cars, and ESPECIALLY cleaning up.
• Make sure the lawn is in tip-top shape
• Some wedding officiates will be unable to perform the ceremony at a private residence. Give yourself enough time to find one that can.
• Make sure you recommend hotels on your invitations – as you don’t want anyone crashing at your place on your wedding night.
• You will need to think about portable bathrooms (one bathroom per 35 guests is a general rule of thumb) and generators if your home cannot handle the amount of power necessary. You will need to start reserving this type of equipment six months in advance.
• Research permits – as in local noise ordinances, permits for parking cars, fire department inspections, etc…
• Read over your home insurance policy and see what you are covered for!

Is it worth it?

Yes! Having your wedding ceremony at home is intimate and personal – which is what every wedding aspires to be. If you follow the guidelines above you will dramatically decrease the level of stress you might otherwise experience. Ask for help! This is the number one rule for any wedding, especially a wedding at a private residence.

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