Summer has always been the most popular time for weddings; however, you don’t have to adhere to the tired traditions. Almost anything goes in today’s weddings and while there is a lot to be said for traditional weddings, why not combine the best of both worlds? Schupepe marquee’s have covered a great many weddings all over New Zealand and we are happy to say that no two have been the same. If you are looking for inspiration, read on for a list of the top five sizzling fashion trends for your summer wedding.


1. Whatever will the bridesmaids wear? Whatever you want. Really. Whatever. The hue is totally up to you.

This summer’s new bridesmaid dress trend is perfect for the indecisive bride to be. Two-tone gowns and separates give you much more freedom when it comes to deciding on colour. The Maid of Honour can be in a totally different colour, or a multi-coloured dress – allowing her to stand apart from the rest of the bridal party.

2. Bye bye veil… Hello exalted crown!

A lot of brides are doing away with the plain, lacy veil and wowing the crowds with posh hair and headpieces fit for royalty. Some people even go so far as combining the demure veil with a stunning and sparkly tiara. Dramatic. Sophisticated. Glamorous. Perfect.

3. Can’t decide between platinum and gold? No problem.

Are you a two-scoop, vanilla AND chocolate type of girl? This new wedding ring trend is a match made in heaven for you (along with the groom, that is). If your fiancé proposes with a platinum engagement ring, it is perfectly acceptable to add a gold band to the mix on the day of your nuptials.

4. Nothing says summer like a crop top.

Bridesmaids and brides alike are showing off their midriffs with this crop top bridal gown trend. Of course, less is always more – so keep it classy ladies and keep them guessing as to whether or not you are sporting a belly-button ring.

awesome bridal jumpsuit

5. Stride down the aisle in a pantsuit and let everyone know who will be calling the shots happily ever after.

Not every bride can pull this look off, or even want to – for that matter – but for those that can and do, it is a bold, fresh look. These wedding power suits, in lieu of a wedding gown, can be tailored for an ultra-feminine, super-sexy look for the boss, uh, I mean…bride.

Regardless of what you wear for your summer wedding, keep the theme unique and personal with a marquee. Contact Schupepe today and let us help you create the wedding of your dreams.