Vetting Your Outdoor Wedding Venue: A Checklist

One of the very first things that any couple must do after deciding to say “I do,” is to choose and secure a wedding venue. Tis the season for weddings here at Schupepe! We have had the pleasure of placing our wedding marquees on some of the most beautiful outdoor locations that New Zealand has to offer. Whether it is private estates or residences, public beaches, golf resorts, or even farms – we have seen it all! As such, we know a thing or two about what couples need to know about choosing and securing an outdoor wedding venue. Listed below is a checklist which will help you pick the perfect venue that will suit all of your needs.

guest list

First things first!

1/ The guest list must be completed so that you have an idea of how many people the venue will need to accommodate.
2/ You should have a list of dates that are suitable, so you can confirm availability.
3/ Obviously, you will need to consider your budget.
4/ You and your partner should compose a list of your most important, non-negotiable priorities before visiting any venue.
5/ As it is an outdoor event, you will want to ensure that the venue will allow marquees to be placed upon their grounds.

Venue Location

It is important to consider the location of your wedding venue in terms of how far your guests will need to travel. Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind:

What is the traffic going to be like during the time-frames of your wedding?
Will you be able to post signs to help out-of-town guests?
If you are providing transport, ensure that guests are provided with entertainment and maybe even beverages!
For those using their own vehicles, ensure that there are adequate parking facilities.
Make sure that there is suitable accommodation nearby for out-of-town guests.

marquee wedding3

Questions you may not have considered:

1. Is there a discount for booking an off-season date or Sunday through Friday?
2. Is the deposit refundable?
3. Is the site handicap accessible?
4. What is the cancellation policy?
5. Is there an overtime fee if my ceremony runs longer than expected?
6. Can my vendors set up the day before? How early can deliveries be made?
7. Does the venue have liability insurance?
8. Is there a recycling policy?
9. Are there any areas that you and your guests will not have access to?
10. Is there a noise ordinance you need to be aware of?

Fortunately, here at Schupepe, we have everything you need as far as interior hire optionsfurniture, lighting, heating, and much more. New Zealand is host to some of the most beautiful venues in the world! The only limit is your own imagination when you decide to have your wedding under one of Schupepe’s spectacular marquees today for your free onsite visit.