Chances are the wedding invitations have started rolling in. Tis the season for nuptials here in New Zealand. We are super busy here at Schupepe, providing our beautiful, weatherproof wedding marquees to a long list of happy couples. If you are attending a wedding this spring or summer, it is important not to make these top ten common wedding blunders!

drunk wedding

1. Fill out the RSVP card pronto. Couples need this to keep track – so don’t be that slacker friend!
2. If you are not invited with a plus one, do not bring someone anyway. Weddings are really expensive, so the couple has had to decide very carefully about who they are inviting. Be happy you made the list!
3. Don’t take the centrepiece home with you. Some décor is rented and needs to be returned.
4. Just because the booze is free doesn’t mean you should drink until you are rip roaring drunk. You will not only embarrass yourself, but the happy couple as well.
5. Pick a gift from the registry… and whatever you do – don’t regift!


6. Pay attention to the instructions on the invite, it may be a casual outdoor wedding, but a holey t-shirt and stained shorts just won’t do.
7. It is really rude to just go to the reception and not to the ceremony. It shows that you could care less about the couple and are more interested in getting a free meal and drinks.
8. Keep the conversation P.C. at the table, especially if you do not know the other guests sitting with you.
9. Unless you have been asked to give a toast, keep your hands off the microphone. You can say whatever you need to say privately to the couple.
10. Keep your mobile phone turned off. Be present and be thankful that the couple invited you to share in their happy day.

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