The Rigors Of Rigorous Tent Rigging – Expert Tent Rigging Techniques From Schupepe Tents

At Schupepe Tents our tents and marquees are unique and versatile – which means our riggers have to have skills that are unique and versatile too! You see, the thing about our Freeform™ stretch tents, is that until we have done a thorough site inspection and talked with the client about the kind of look and feel they want for their event, we have no idea how we are going to have to conform and rig our tents – that’s how versatile they are!

So that’s why our riggers can’t just be your average rigger – they have to think creatively when it comes to conforming and rigging our Freeform™ tents, so that they can create the venue of your dreams. Because of this, our site inspections are very important and very thorough – we have to take into consideration things like existing structures, and whether or not we can use those structures as anchors, or if we can rig our tents as an extension of them – creating an even bigger and more versatile space.

When it comes to the installation process, our tent rigging techniques are the safest and most secure in the industry. We’ll assess your chosen location and look at what kind of fixing system will be required; and if we have to install temporary brackets on corrugated iron roofs, or lift roof tiles to access rafters – we’ll always get advice from roofing professionals first. And if needed, we can organise for a professional roofer to be on site during the installation process to assist, give advice and ensure the utmost safety of the installation – safety that covers both the existing building, and you and your guests.

Our riggers also get to work internationally – last year we sent 3 of our more senior riggers overseas to the UK to work with other stretch tent companies during their busy northern summer season. This is a great learning opportunity for us because our UK counterparts do much bigger and more elaborate jobs with bigger budgets, and we are able to to see how our skills, systems and processes compare with theirs. We exchange ideas and come back armed with new ideas and better efficiencies! Conversely, we get the English lads coming down our way to help us out during our busy summer period – so it works both ways!

At Schupepe Tents we are a team who take a great deal of pride in their work, and we offer a service that goes above and beyond – because we are perfectionists! Call us today to find out more about our tents and marquees and how we can create an event for you that will be the talk of the town!