All About FreeformFlex® Fabric Tents and Marquees From Schupepe Tents

Schupepe Tents in Auckland have been transforming the marquee industry throughout New Zealand with their innovative and totally unique FreeformFlex™ stretch tents and marquees. Imported directly from the Freeform® factories in Cape Town, South Africa, we are proud to be the only marquee hire company in New Zealand to offer this revolutionary and exciting product.

So let’s find out a bit about Freeform® in South Africa…

Based in the rugged landscapes of Cape Town, every tent and marquee that we import from Freeform® is produced from start to finish in their factories, under the strictest of quality control measures. Their state of the art welding technology ensures a neat, robust, and, most importantly, watertight finish on all seams and joins; and every tent undergoes a comprehensive check for defects before it leaves their factory doors.

The FreeformFlex® fabric is the result of extensive development and research to bring a more durable, flexible and stylish product to the tent and marquee market – one that not only offers greater longevity, but is also safe, weatherproof, has a unique aesthetic appeal, and is fast setting a new international standard for the tent and marquee hire industry.

Tested in the lab and on the ground for over 4 years, this fabric ticks all the right boxes. The ultimate in durable, stretch fabric for rental , marquees and custom-fits, it is compliant with all major international fire and safety standards, and each product has been treated differently in accordance to the fire and ISO standards imposed by various countries worldwide.

With FreeformFlex® fabric you get:

~ 100% Waterproofing
~ Perfect stretch and flexibility
~ Purpose developed durable polymeric coating
~ High tenacity substrate ~ Anti-microbial treatment
~ UV stabilizers
~ Teflon® treated
~ Machine Washable
~ Easily repair without compromising waterproofing
~ Easy branded opportunities
~ Welded and taped seams for guaranteed strength and waterproofing
~ Compliance with International fire and safety standards

FreeformFlex® fabric tents and marquees offer the following features:


Freeform® has invested extensively in fabric welding technology to ensure our seams are super strong and 100% watertight. Our specially developed seam tape melts into the top coating. This creates added strength and guarantees a seam that will not leak.


All patches are welded onto the tents and marquees – not just sewn. This allows the load to be spread evenly without compromising the integrity of the fabric with needle holes.


The ‘King Pole Jack’ enables riggers to jack up the tent to the required height before inserting the pole – ensuring optimal tension and balance.


The aluminum pole connectors are precision engineered to ensure no play once the poles are joined together. Although rigid when joined, they assemble and disconnect easily, allowing for fast and efficient installation and dismantling, and convenient storage.


All poles supplied by Freeform® are of commercial grade. Rental tents use aluminum or wooden poles. Stainless steel poles are also available.


Freeform® provide only the most indestructible rubber pole caps and feet which are custom-moulded to create the perfect grip and peak, as well as a completely non-slip base for maximum safety on hard, polished floors.

So, yeah… we’re pretty proud to be able to bring this amazing product to the the events industry in New Zealand. And, because we believe in learning only from the very best – all our tent riggets have been trained by the Freeform® professionals themselves in Cape Town, South Africa.