Where should I have my marquee wedding?

Choosing to have a marquee wedding means you have the luxury of picking the location of your choice. While some people have their big day at their own (or someone else’s) private residence, others prefer restaurants or venues, regional parks, farms, building roof-tops, beaches, tennis courts or even forests – your options are endless.

Our next few blogs offer information and recommendations about location options, with tips on what you may need to consider while planning your big day.


Obviously having your wedding at a private residence is more economical than hiring a venue. You already have a power-source, bathrooms, running water and cooking facilities – and a space that’s private and intimate. Free-standing marquees look stunning in well established back or front yards – and they allow you to create an entire new space away from the main house so your home isn’t over-run with guests.

Think about areas in the garden that you can use for your ceremony and photos – this will save you having to leave your guests to go elsewhere for pictures. If the house has a pool, consider having it covered with a staging structure to maximise usable floor space.

Tent installations on grass, sand, gravel or asphalt are straight forward and allow the use of steel pegs below ground to hold guy-ropes in place. While we can rig our tents on any level (or unlevel) surface, you’ll need a relatively flat ground if your guests are going to dine at tables under the tent. Roof-line rigs are a practical, eye-catching way to maintain indoor-outdoor flow – and they are particularly effective in colder, wetter months.

These rigs are ideal for increasing your usable floorspace and allow you to increase your guest-numbers (if you want to!). Our tents are attached directly to your roof using brackets – this means we can ensure there is no gap or ‘drip-line’ between the house and the exterior. They are a smart way to create more space using existing decks or patios, and provide sun and rain shelter for your guests.

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