The days of boring, traditional party tents are over due to the invention of FreeForm Stretch Tents. Today, tent structures have become an integral part of any event. Party/event planners, corporations who regularly host events and fundraisers, owners of hospitality businesses, and marketing/advertising agencies will all agree that a branded stretch tent is a valuable marketing tool and a sound investment. Schupepe Tents has various printing methods to meet a wide variety of clients’ needs. Here are a list of the advantages of buying a branded stretch tent:

  • Our stretch tents are available in nearly any shape, size or colour imaginable.
  • We can digitally print logos and full colour images onto your stretch tent, fulfilling all of your graphic requirements.
  • Stretch tents are versatile – transforming previously unused spaces into operational places for business.
  • The Freeform flex fabric allows you to create different shapes every time you use your stretch tent.
  • Our stretch tents are completely waterproof and come with a three year guarantee.
  • Climate is not an issue. In hotter weather, the tents can be set up with the sides open in “floating” configurations. In colder climates, the sides can be closed.
  • Prior to purchase, our designers can create an architectural 3D image of what your tent will look like based on dimensions and photographs.
  • Given all of the advantages, it is one of the most cost-effective ways to create additional, element-friendly, attractive spaces for any type of venue or venture.
  • Schupepe Tents also provide maintenance and installation contracts which include storage, rigging expertise, delivery, and collection. We can also provide additional equipment such as pole caps, baseplates, rope and poles.
  • We pride ourselves on the quality of our product which has been thoroughly checked for defects. We have a proven history of satisfied clients.

Let Schupepe Tents help you create memorable events while imprinting the image and reputation of your brand in the minds of future clients.