Weather The Weather With Schupepe Tents and Marquees

Well, summer hasn’t exactly got off to the best start really – with all this windy, wet weather we’ve been having… but we made sure that all of the guests at the functions and events that we’ve been providing cover for, were kept warm, dry and sheltered.

At Schupepe Tents, our tents and marquees are all made using FreeformFlex® fabric. This amazing fabric is the result of extensive development and research done in order to produce a more durable stretch fabric that offers greater longevity and greater protection from the elements.

Auckland weather can be unpredictable, especially at this time of year… the day starts off all sunny and bright – and then from nowhere, wind and rain can just come sweeping in! That’s where our tents and marquees are so perfect – because on  seemingly warm, sunny day, they can be rigged canopy-style, with all the sides up – but then if the weather starts getting unpredictable, the tent material allows us to extend the fabric to meet the gound, creating a perfectly warm and dry weatherpoof enclosure. Alternatively, we have the ability to quickly install our complete stretch walling system for last minute protection against stronger wind and rain.

Our tent and marquee structures are rated to withstand the most severe weather conditions and have proven themselves on countless occasions. The FreeformFlex® fabric contains UV stabilisers to help protect against UV rays, it comes with a three year waterproofing warrantee, and it is fully compliant with all major international fire and safety standards.

So if you’re planning an event and the weather is looking a bit “iffy”, contact Schupepe Tents to find out how we can keep your guest covered and dry and having a good time!