Think Outside The 4 Walls And Extend Your Space With Schupepe Tents

At Schupepe Tents we have one big point of difference, and it lies in the unique and versatile qualities of the Freeform™ stretch fabric that our tents and marquees are made of. I’ve mentioned before how we can rig our tents and marquees as an extension to any existing structure or building without worrying about terrain or other structures being in the way – no other marquee product on the market can do this.

What does this mean for you?

Well, what it means is that you can extend your space with style! With one of our marquees rigged as an extension to an existing building you get more space to accommodate all of your guests, and you get a stylish look that stands out and makes a lasting impression

And it doesn’t matter what other structures we have to work around or what kind of terrain we have to work with, because the flexible nature and design of our marquees gives us the freedom to configure them in a variety of different shapes – up stairs, on grassy slopes, around swimming pools – you name it, we can work with it!

When it comes to the installation process, our rigging techniques are the safest and most secure in the industry. We’ll assess your chosen location and look at what kind of fixing system will be required; and if we have to install temporary brackets on corrugated iron roofs, or lift roof tiles to access rafters, we’ll always get advice from roofing professionals first, and if needed, we can organise for a professional roofer to be on site during the installation process to assist, give advice and ensure the utmost safety of the installation – safety that covers both the existing building and you and your guests.

So if you’re planning an event this summer – do it in style with Schupepe Tents!