Tent decor an accessories: our recommendations: ‘Wah Lee’s’

Wah Lee’s is an Asian based emporium that stock all things oriental including mysterious spices, Chinese cookware and Japanese goods. However they also stock a fantastic range of paper lanterns, japanese papers, paper blinds, silks and fabrics. Paper lanterns and parasols are great ‘room fillers’ and set a unique tone for any gathering. Wah Lee’s imported authentic silks in rich oriental colours look stunning used as table-runners or chair-ties, and their Chinese teapots with a variety of designs make for great centre-piece vases or cocktail dispensers.

Their whimsical paper fans are a practical and pretty gifts for guests, while their battery-powered tea-lights offer a great soft-lighting solution. What started out as a fireworks store in the 80’s, Wah Lee soon expanded to sell exotic food products and Asian cookware – this was a great move seeing as selling fireworks all year round was banned by the government a few years later. That’s not to say Wah Lee’s doesnt sell fire-works any more however – they are one of the biggest suppliers in Auckland and have the best selection of literal ‘bang for your buck’ leading up to fireworks night. Make sure you take advantage of Guy Fawkes season and stock up – everyone loves a sparkler!  www.wahlee.co.nz