Marquee Weddings in Parks and Public Places

Marquee weddings in parks and public places can be a unique and charming way to celebrate your special day. Holding a wedding in a park or public space allows you to enjoy the beauty of nature, create a relaxed atmosphere, and provide an open and spacious setting for your guests to mingle and enjoy the festivities. Here are some considerations and tips for planning a marquee wedding in a park or public place:

Permits and Permissions

Before you start planning, check with the local authorities or park management to see if you need any permits or permissions to host a wedding in the chosen park or public area. There may be certain regulations, restrictions, or fees you need to adhere to. If you want to hold your wedding in a public space in Auckland, you will need to apply to the council for an ‘Event Permit’. 

You may also need to apply for other permits, depending on the size and type of event you are holding. For a marquee larger than 100-square metres, you must apply for a ‘Temporary Building Structure’ permit. The process may feel consuming as there is a lot of paperwork and time required, not to mention cost (around $500): but Auckland Council do maintain our beautiful parks and public spaces to a high standard and these processes and costs are in place to protect these areas.

Venue Selection

Choose a park or public space that aligns with your wedding theme and vision. Consider factors like the scenery, accessibility for guests, parking options, and amenities available.

Marquee Rental: Look for reputable marquee rental companies that have experience in setting up structures in outdoor locations. Consider the size of the marquee based on the number of guests and the available space in the park.

Weather Contingency Plan

As outdoor weddings are subject to weather conditions, it’s essential to have a solid contingency plan in case of rain or adverse weather. This might involve arranging for an alternative indoor venue or providing sheltered areas.

Decor and Lighting

Work with your wedding planner or decorator to create a magical ambiance inside the marquee. Utilize natural elements like flowers, foliage, and fairy lights to enhance the park’s beauty.

Guest Comfort

Since outdoor weddings might lack some amenities available in traditional venues, consider renting portable restrooms, providing fans or heaters depending on the weather, and having a comfortable seating arrangement for elderly guests.

Catering Considerations

Check if there are any restrictions on catering in the park or public area. Hire a professional catering service that can handle outdoor events and ensure proper food safety.

Logistics and Accessibility

Plan for the logistics of transporting guests, vendors, and equipment to the park. If the park has limited access points, work with your vendors to ensure a smooth setup and breakdown process.

Noise Restrictions

Public spaces often have noise restrictions, so be mindful of this during the wedding planning process. Inform your DJ or band about any volume limitations to avoid any disruptions.

Clean-up and Respect

Show respect for the park or public area by making sure all trash and waste are properly disposed of after the event. Consider hiring a cleanup crew to manage this task efficiently.

Guest Communication

Clearly communicate the outdoor nature of the wedding to your guests on your invitations or wedding website. Provide them with essential details such as appropriate footwear suggestions and weather-related considerations.

Marquee Weddings in Parks and Public Places with Schupepe

Marquee weddings in parks and public places can be unforgettable and enchanting. With proper planning, consideration of local regulations, and attention to detail, you can create a memorable and magical celebration amidst the beauty of nature.

We have such a vast selection of stunning public parks that are landscaped and manicured beautifully and are idyllic wedding settings, so don’t feel daunted by the prospect of going down the permit-application path – the result once you have your permit will be a perfect wedding setting, and beautiful memorable pictures for all. Keeping your tent size under 100-square metres means you eliminate the need for a permit, but you will still need to consider liquor bans, sound levels, toilet accessibility, car-parking, power access and more.

A 100-square metre marquee will hold around 60 to 90 guests standing or ‘milling’ cocktail-style. This sized tent is perfect for seated ceremonies (but wont allow for tables or other larger furniture.) For a seated reception for 120 guests, you would require between 200 and 240 square metres of ‘tent space’ – of course in this instance you would need a ‘Temporary Building Structure’ permit.

For more information on permits contact Auckland Council on 09-3010101 or click here and contact us directly – we’re happy to help with the process.