What Makes Schupepe Tents And Marquees So Unique?

A brief History of The Bedouin Tent

The Bedouin people are an ancient nomadic tribe from North Africa. They lived in tents that were made from goat’s hair or dark sheep’s wool, woven into rectangular strips on large looms.

It was the women who wove the fabric for the tents, and then stitched them together and kept them in good repair. In effect, they were the craftspeople who produced and maintained the housing. They were also responsible for dismantling and packing up the tents, and then reassembling them at the new site.

The traditional Bedouin tents were usually divided into two rooms – the front section was used as a public entertainment area, open to visitors. It was also used by the men of the tribe who slept there, gathered with family or friends there, conducted business if necessary, and ate their meals there. The front part of the tent would generally be left open in warm weather.

The rear part of the tent was private. A dividing curtain separated it from the front area, and it was here that the women, children and babies lived and slept.

So What Makes the Tents and Marquees at Schupepe Tents so Unique?

At Schupepe Tents, our unique and flexible Freeform™ tents are based on the bedouin tent design – partly because of the quick and easy set-up that they afford, and partly because of their beautiful parabolic curves and their aesthetic appeal.

Using poles of varying lengths and working with the Freeform™ Tent’s specially developed 2-way stretch fabric, the rigger has the freedom to configure tents and marquees in a variety of different shapes and in traditionally awkward environments – providing an innovative, affordable and unique alternative to hiring a traditional marquee.

Our Freeform™ tents and marquees can be installed in all manner of New Zealand outdoor areas, from isolated beaches, to cliff-tops, to the familiarity and comfort of your own back yard; and they can be erected free-standing or as an extension of an existing building.

If you’re planning an event and you want that “wow” factor – contact Schupepe Tents and find out more about our unique Freeform™ flexible tents and marquees.