Free Your Imagination With Freeform™ Flexible Tents and Marquees

If you are looking for a breath-taking venue that will wow your guests – don’t look any further. We are the people you need.

Imagine a venue of your wildest dreams – and then let us use your imagination as our guide to make those dreams come true… because with our Freeform™ tents and marquees, absolutely anything is possible.

The unique 2-way stretch flexibility of the Freeform™ material used in our tents and marquees gives us the freedom to create your dream venue – anywhere, on any surface and in a variety of shapes – from cliff-tops to sandy beaches to the familiar comfort of your own back garden; up stairs, down stairs, on a grassy slope – or even on a roof top!

These remarkable tents and marquees, which can be erected free standing or as an extension of an existing building, were created bedouin-style, which makes for quick and efficient set-up, and gives them beautiful parabolic curves and a unique appearance.

You really are only limited by your own imagination – so let your imagination run wild, because our world class riggers just love it when they can get creative – have a look at some their work!