Extend Your Space Seamlessly With Schupepe Tents

At Schupepe Tents, we can’t extoll the virtues of the versatility and flexibility of our Freeform™ stretch tents enough. So we are going to do it again…

Recently we were given the job of providing cover for a wedding reception at he Bracu Pavilion, which is nestled among the slopes of the Bombay Hills and surrounded by the 30 000 olive trees of the breath-taking Simunovich Olive Estate. It is a stunning and secluded location that is enhanced by the tranquility of a clear water lake.

They wanted the Bracu Pavillion courtyard area to be covered for shade and protection from our hot summer sun, so we sent off the team to do a site inspection and see what options we had. We ended up rigging the tent off the roof-line – using olive trees as anchors. Our efforts extended the indoor/outdoor flow seamlessly and the tent fitted perfectly!

The client was absolutely thrilled with the outcome, and it looks like the Bracu Pavilion will be a place Schupepe Tents will be providing cover for again in the future. And yay for that – because it is a stunningly beautiful location!