Expand Your Market Without Stretching Your Budget

Organising promotional events is one of the easiest and fastest ways to grow your business and the best part is it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. There are many things to consider when planning a cost-effective event. Here are five reasons why hiring branded tents will be good for both your business and your budget.

As the real estate agents are fond of saying: Location! Location! Location!

The venue is definitely the most expensive item on the budget when planning an event, especially if you need to include a food and beverage service. First of all, given that our tents are weatherproof, you can have your event practically anywhere outside – providing a natural ambience. We also provide “event-ready” services, so you don’t have the added headache of having to cater the event or rent essentials such as tables and chairs, etc…Basically, you can save lots of money by hiring one company to provide everything you need to entertain a crowd.

Off-the-scale sales to be made…

When your company hosts an event, it enables you to present your products and services to a larger group of people – rather than attempting to sell your products or services on a one-to-one basis. The sales process is essentially more efficient and less costly.

Captivate Your Audience.

The enclosed and intimate space that marquees have to offer will guarantee that your emcee will capture the crowd’s attention. You will be able to use the opportunity to tell your future clients about the products or services you have to offer without any outside distractions.

Escalate the Level of Trust.

Statistically speaking, most people are prone to respond in a more trusting manner in face-to-face situations. Eye contact is essential and is much more effective than cold-calling or promoting via social media.

Instantaneous Sign-Ups.

Throughout the event you can provide people the opportunity to buy your product or service or simply provide their contact information so that you may send them promotional material at a later date. Schupepe Tents offers exceptional service. We can digitally print logos or full colour images onto the canvas to maximize your brand’s exposure. We provide temporary branding solutions as well. Contact us so that we can help you expand your business without shrinking your budget.