Chair hire: what, where, how and how much

Organising an event or wedding can be daunting to say the least – food, decor, flooring, lighting, staff, venues, toilets and more have to be considered and planned in detail to accommodate and satisfy guests. Furniture alone can leave the inexperienced planner flummoxed with so many suppliers out there with such vast arrays of indoor and outdoor tables and chairs. To save you the headache of deciding which chairs would suit you’re event best we’ve put together a list of the 4 most popular and reliable chairs on the hire market along with their prices and where you can hire them from…


This quality chair is our most popular for comfort and aesthetics. While it looks like a 60’s timber deck chair, it’s actually resin. The chair features a 1000lb. weight capacity so you can be assured that it will accommodate any guest at your function. From indoor or outdoor weddings to other upscale events, this chair won’t let you down. The padded vinyl seat provides maximum comfort and there’s no chance these will collapse under guests. Usable on grass, sand, asphalt or concrete.

Hire price: $5.90ea plus gst – hit the ‘contact us’ tab above to order (delivery charges may apply)

The Chiavari chair (also known as the Chiavarina or Tiffany chair) was originally a wooden chair of Ligurian design created in 1807 by a cabinetmaker from Chiavari, Giuseppe Gaetano Descalzi. (Chiavari chairs are named for the Italian city where they originated). Initially made from hard cherrywood, today they are injection moulded resin. One of the most popular event and wedding chairs worldwide, even the Kennedy’s hired 900 of them for their wedding in 1954. Chivari chairs come in multiple colours including white, silver, bronze, black, gold, brown and transparent. Usable on grass, concrete, timber or matted flooring.

Hire price: $8.50ea plus gst – hire from (delivery charges may apply)


Michael Thonet born in 1796 was a German-Austrian who became a cabinet maker in 1819 following a carpenter’s apprenticeship . In the 1830s Thonet began trying to make furniture out of glued and bent wooden slats. 40-years later in 1859 Thonet designed and manufactured his very first ‘bentwood’ chair known as “chair Nr. 14”. Chair number 14 is still called the “chair of chairs” with some 50 million produced up until 1930. It yielded a gold medal for Thonet’s enterprise at the 1867 Paris World’s Fair.

Hire at $11.50ea plus gst from (delivery charges may apply)

GHOST CHAIR (or ‘clear chair’)

Originally designed by Philippe Starck ( he says (these chairs are) “the quintessence of baroque revisited to dazzle, excite and captivate”. This chair has been rated ‘the most daring example in the world of injected polycarbonate in a single mould’. Despite its evanescent and crystalline appearance it is stable and durable, shock and weather resistant and can also be stacked six high. Usable on solid smooth floor surfaces or Dandy Dura flooring.

Hire price: $12ea plus gst from (delivery charges may apply)