There is really no place like home, especially when it comes to weddings. Traditional wedding venues can be costly and impersonal in comparison to having a wedding in your very own backyard. Every bride wants their wedding to be personal and unique. Weddings are what we do best at Schupepe, we have been privileged to provide so many New Zealand couples with marquees to host their own special backyard fetes. We have put together some backyard wedding essentials that will help you prepare for your special day.

backyard wedding

Divide your backyard into two spaces!

You will need to have two distinct areas. One space should be designated for the ceremony and another for the reception where food and drinks will be served. Pay careful attention to where the sun sets during the time of your ceremony. You don’t want your guests to be blinded by the sun when you are saying “I do.” This is also important to consider when you decide where to place your marquee. To help Mother Nature along, make sure your lawns are in good shape. Make sure your flowers have been planted in time so that they are in full bloom on the day of your wedding. Schupepe will help you to decide on the best place for the marquee, preferably where the ground is level.

Make Mother Nature Work for you!

Unlike traditional venues, you have the freedom to customise your wedding décor to your particular tastes. With a backyard wedding, the sky is the limit! We are blessed with a beautiful landscape in New Zealand, so all you really have to do is make use of the natural elements around you. Make use of tree stumps, hang lights from the trees, the options are endless! There is nothing quite like a beautiful marquee twinkling with fairy lights on a summer night. The best part about our marquees is that they are completely weatherproof! There will be no need to worry about the rain, the wind, or harmful UV rays.

backyard wedding2

Backyard Basics

1. Find out about local noise ordinances and sort out any permits that may be needed.
2. Ensure that your wedding officiant is able to perform the ceremony at your home.
3. Recommend hotels for your guests so they don’t wind up crashing at your house.
4. Don’t forget about parking! Make sure there is ample space.
5. You will need one port-a-potty per every 35 guests.
6. Don’t forget about your neighbours, you may even want to invite them!
7. Consider all of the items you will need to rent like tables, chairs, linen, etc… Thankfully, Schupepe can provide you with the necessary interior hire options.
8. You will most likely need a few generators to provide power.
9. Enlist a cleaning crew to help at the end of the night.
10. Relax and have fun! It is your day.

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