9 Reasons Our Customers Love Our Tents And Marquees

Whether you’re a party planner, an events planner, a marketing and advertising agent, a party hire company, a business owner, or just a regular person needing a marquee for a private party – you know that the venue is the most important part of the planning; and if you’ve chosen to use a tent or marquee, it will be the centerpiece for your event – offering a place for people to gather, shade and protection from the elements, and it lets your guests know exactly where all of the action for the main event will occur.

In the past, your choice of tent structures was limited to the traditional square or rectangular frame tents or pole tents. The good news is that Schupepe Tents in Auckland has made these boring, boxy, blend-in-with-the-crowd type tents a thing of the past, with our unique Freeform™ Fabric tents and marquees.

Want to know what makes our tents and marquee structures so special? Here’s a list of the top 9 things our customers like about our Freeform™ Fabric stretch tents and marquees:

#1: The Look – The unique look of our tents is what makes most people fall in love with them. Anything but boxy, our tents and marquees are made with specially developed 2-way stretch fabric which gives us the freedom to configure them in a variety of different shapes. Their design is based on the traditional beduoin tents of the nomadic North African tribe, and it’s this design that give our tents their beautiful parabolic curves, their aesthetic appeal and their totally unique look.

#2: The Easy And Flexible Installation Anywhere And On Any Surface – Our tents and marquees are quick and easy to install and take down, and because of the flexible nature of the stretch fabric, we can install them anywhere and on any surface. And when we say anywhere, we mean anywhere – on isolated beaches, remote cliff-tops, even on roof-tops! So you can let your imagination run wild when you’re deciding on your location, because wherever it is – we can set up our tents and marquees there.

#3: The Branding Opportunity – Whether it’s permanent or temporary, our tailor-made branding solutions cover the tent or marquee both externally and within, where logos and full colour images can be digitally printed onto decals or directly onto the canvas for effective brand exposure. And no matter what kind of budget you have to work with, we’ll make sure that we deliver a solution that will build your brand identity, maximise your brand exposure, and leave a long lasting impression.

#4: The Ability To Get A Fully Customised Tent – We don’t just offer a variety of different shapes, sizes and designs – we offer a completely customised solution! We’ve worked with countless customers to create a marquee solution that has been custom designed to fit their specific brand or event theme requirements. And our riggers love getting creative and taking on the challenge of logistically awkward locations and settings. If you can think it, we can create it!

#5: The Flexibility – Our stretch tents can be used in a variety of configurations, giving them a presentation that never gets boring. And our customers have the option to leave the sides up to let in more light and air, or to keep the sides down for a cozier atmosphere. And what makes our tents and marquees really unique, is that they can be used to extend an existing space by installing them as an extension of any existing building or structure, without worrying about terrain or other structures that may be in the way. That’s because the flexible nature and design of our marquees gives us the freedom to configure them in a variety of different shapes to accommodate your chosen environment – up stairs, on grassy slopes, around swimming pools – you name it, we can work with it!

#6: The Protection Against The Elements – Rain or shine, our 100% weatherproof, UV resistant tents are ready for anything. Our structures are rated to withstand the most severe weather conditions and have proven themselves on countless occasions. The tents are fully waterproof and contain UV stabilisers to help protect against UV rays.

#7: The Accessories – From furniture and flooring to lighting and warmth, we have everything you need to make your party or event complete. And if you need something out of the ordinary, and we haven’t got it – we’ll do what we can to source it from one of our many trusted suppliers. We can recommend some of the finest local caterers too!

#8: The Affordability – Hiring a tent or marquee for your event not only works out to be cheaper, but you also have more control over your event. Our customers appreciate our upfront pricing which allows them to budget and have control over all aspects of their event and get the most for their money – without any surprise costs. When you get a quote from us, the amount we quote is what you will pay.

#9: The Quality – Our unique Freeform™ tents and marquees are designed and manufactured in Cape Town, South Africa and distributed globally – with tents and marquees being erected everywhere from the UK to the Seychelles. Each tent and marquee that leaves the factory has undergone a thorough check for manufacturing defects, and each has been treated with UV absorbing fade protectant and antibacterial agents to prolong the life of the stretch fabric and to inhibit stains and odors.

If you’re interested in having your own Freeform™ tent to keep, you can buy one from our range here in New Zealand and in Australia. Just give is a call and talk to our sales team – they’ll be only too happy to help.